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We have a unique range of bladder and pelvic floor management products that will discreetly help you get on with life.


If running, exercise, sneezing, coughing or laughing leave you with a bit of an embarrassing problem, Contiform will really help you. It’s a vaginal device designed by a Gynaecologist that will discreetly manage your stress incontinence. Contiform is available on prescription and via our online shop.

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Pelvifly together with Kgoal

Pelvifly app together with kGoal device is the perfect solution to making Pelvic Floor muscle training fun and discreet. Our mission is to encourage more women to do their pelvic floor exercise. Pelvic floor muscle training will help improve the quality of your sex life, improve problems with bladder leaks and ....

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Buy or Rent your Rodger Bed Wetting Alarm System. For dry nights and dry days, the Rodger alarms are the perfect solution. The wireless alarms mean that they are safe and easy to use along with the sensor pants…

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MTG Catheters for adults and children

Effortless worry free ISC catheterisation to fit your life style. MTG Catheters are designed for those with limited dexterity and can be used with the Eagle board to make ISC simple and easy for patient’s that would normally have to have an indwelling catheter or a suprapubic catheter…

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Hi-N-Dry Collection System

A unique urine collection system for men - An easy solution to male incontinence - no leg bags or bulky pads - great for the man that wants to live a full and active life but is a sheath/condom catheter user and finds using a leg bag restrictive and pads inhibitive ...

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From storage to cleansers we have products to compliment your goods giving a better user experience…

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Women’s Health Physiotherapist

We are loving this device and recommending it to more and more people via prescription. Most GP’s are unaware of this as a treatment option.

Deborah, UK

Thank you so much for Contiform – it has really put a spring back into my step. It has completely changed my life, I can go out without worrying that I might have an accidental leak. I am sure Contiform will be welcomed by thousands of women. Please can you send me some more leaflets, my practice nurse is very interested.

Wendy Allen and Anthea Reus, Australia

Once fitted correctly it is a very user friendly device that provides women with added confidence to carry out normal activities. Especially effective for those who leak mainly during sport or exercise. In our experience, it is a very useful tool for managing stress incontinence.