Eradicate bed-wetting as soon as possible

We understand that you and your little one want to eradicate bed-wetting as soon as possible. Sleepless nights because a child needs its bed changed, are no fun! As well as disturbed sleep, children are often ashamed which can impact their life and social activities such as sleepovers.

Don’t worry! Fortunately, there are several ways to stop bed-wetting and the alarms from Rodger will meet the needs of your child. 

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What is the bed-wetting alarm?

The wireless bed-wetting alarm system is an easy and effective medical device to solve a bed-wetting issue.


A few months ago we purchased a Rodger bed wetting system for our 9 year old son, who was regularly wetting the bed.

We knew that the system can take several months to work, so were surprised and delighted to find that it worked so much quicker for us!

We had the system with alarm and vibration unit. The first few days we had the alarm going off in the early hours, so we could take our son to the bathroom. By day three he was still setting the alarm off but he was more in control. Within a week he was going through the night without an alarm activation. He continued with the system for 12 weeks, but never had an accident during that time, and hasn’t since.

We are delighted, as is our son, who can now have stop overs at his friends without embarrassment, and his confidence has grown so much. We also have a lot less washing of bedding than we did!

A great product that has helped our son so much. Thank you.

Jon and Helen, UK



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Why choose this alarm?

  • The most comfortable bed-wetting alarm.
  • Dutch designed.
  • Highest quality, better results.
  • Great connectivity with Rodgers’ sensor briefs.
Bedwetting Alarm System Basic Kit

How does it work?

Your child wears the special Rodger sensor pant containing invisible wires. The receiver should either be placed in the power socket, or can be used easily powered by 2 x AA batteries (holidays, camping). Do not use both electricity through the power socket and batteries at the same time.

The tiny transmitter has to be connected to the special sensor pant through 2 press studs, which makes the detection of a single drop of urine possible. When the transmitter has been triggered by detecting urine, the receiver will keep on beeping until the reset button is pressed. Then the alarm switches off and it is reset again.

This model is equipped with 8 different alarm tones. The user can select either 1 preferred tone or can let the system randomly provide one of the available tones. Statistics prove that an alarm with different tones has more positive influences to the treatment. After a while the child wakes automatically from a full bladder.