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Contiform - The non surgical way to manage bladder weakness

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Bladder weakness is a natural problem which affects millions of women. Contiform is the easy and discreet way to manage it. Allowing you to get on with your life without any more embarrassing moments! Take back your Control, Confidence and Composure


"Thank you so much for Contiform - it has really put a spring back into my step. It has completely changed my life, I can go out without worrying that I might have an accidental leak"

"Now I can be confident in the Great South Run this Sunday and any other exercise I carry out"

"What a marvellous product, I only wish I had known about it before"

Bladder weakness - Weak pelvic floor - Stress incontinence - Embarrasing leaks

As easy to use as a tampon!




What should I do if I cannot remove the pessary from my vagina as instructed: There are some circumstances whereby the Contiform Pessary may be difficult to remove as per the instructions above. This may be caused by two factors combining

  • Vaginal Dryness (commonly caused in menopausal and affecting around 25°/o of women between 50-59).
  • A vacuum-like seal between the smooth supporting face of the pessary and the vaginal

 Removal Technique -  Do Not Panic

Avoid any vigorous attempts to remove the pessary if it doesn't slide out naturally using the forefinger or the attached removal ribbon.                                                 

This activity can create a tightening of the vaginal muscles, thereby increasing the vacuum effect of the pessary face with the vaginal wall.


Using your forefinger and thumb, squeeze the circular wall of the Contiform Pessary together to release the vacuum effect, rotate slowly and remove the pessary.

It is advised that where vaginal dryness occurs, subsequent Insertions of the Contiform Pessary should include a small amount of sterile water-based lubricating gel be added to the tip.

This will not only aid in the smooth insertion of the Contiform Pessary and ensure a smooth removal using either your forefinger or the removal ribbon.


 Exercise - Running - Laughter - Sneezing - Jumping a problem?

Contiform - you can use it when ever you want to - it's up to you - you can wear it all day every day OR just when you are exercising, playing with the children, doing your shopping, walking the dog, horse riding (to name a few) - you choose. You can even use it when you have a period but you won't be able to use a tampon as well.  

Contiform is an inter-vaginal device that is shaped like a hollow tampon and supports the urethra. Millions of women around the world experience bladder weakness - a small leak when you exercise, laugh, cough, sneeze, or when doing everyday activities like carrying shopping bags, walking the dog, horse riding or playing on the trampoline with the children to name a few.  Contiform is available in 3 sizes, as one size does not fit all! Just purchase a Starter pack which contains all 3 sizes so you can choose which size you need. Be sure to keep all 3 sizes, as you will find you may need to change sizes as time goes by. For more information and to view a You Tube DVD please click here 



Contiform was designed by a Gynaecologist - so has an impeccable pedigree - to enable women to lead a normal life without the need of surgery. It is ideal if you have not completed your family or surgery is not suitable for you, or you have chosen not to have surgery. For more details click here. To buy please go to our online shop.  

Keep one in your hand bag - for those unexpected moments!

Contiform has been manufactured with a slit on the inside of the collar. The slit will appear when you first fold the device, this does not affect the efficacy of Contiform. It has been manufactured like this so that you can fold it easily and also to minimise the risk of urine retention. It is perfectly safe to use and there are no hygiene issues as long as you wash it with unperfumed soap and rinse it well with water each time you remove it.  Depending on the frequency of use, the slit will gradually lengthen until it reaches over the top of the collar. This is an indication the device needs to be replaced. Contiform guarantee that the device will last a minimum of 30 days when used daily. Contiform is CE Certificated, and an approved product supplied to the NHS.   




Handy storage box

We now have a handy storage box available for your Contiform when it's not in use, so you can be prepared wherever you are! 

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