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Contiform User Testimonials


I just wanted to express my opinion on the Contiform device. It was recommended to me by an NHS continence nurse some months ago, and I really must say it has restored my life to one of confidence and the ability to perform all the activities I once took for granted. I am so happy to use the product on a daily basis, and can enjoy walking, cycling and swimming again. I had become quite depressed prior to the recommendation. I am also pleased that my GP can now prescribe the device on the Health Service, and because of my age the prescription is free. Many thanks. S.E

I must tell you how thrilled I am with your product. I am a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor and I have had problems with stress incontinence since my daughter's birth. Despite years of core training, and the use of a pelvic toner, there are still times in the month when I am badly restricted in what I teach as I cannot risk jumping up and down or anything high impact. Contiform has literally changed my life! I have already recommended Contiform to a few clients and fully intend to spread the message.

Thank you again - Teresa 


Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a speedy service as I received my package on Monday after ordering it with you on Saturday! So I took the opportunity to go for my first run last night with it and it worked! It was such a relief to run in comfort without worrying about any leakage. What a marvellous product and I wished I had known about it before.... I will certainly pass on the details to friends and promote the product anyway I can. It was comfortable and I didn’t even know it was there!

So thank you and now I can be confident in the Great South Run this Sunday and with any other exercise I carry out! – Rachael


Thank you so much for Contiform – it has really put a spring back into my step. It has completely changed my life, I can go out without worrying that I might have an accidental leak. I am sure Contiform will be welcomed by thousands of women. Please can you send me some more leaflets, my practice nurse is very interested.

Thank you – Deborah   


Source: Contiform testimonials - Australia

Once fitted correctly it is a very user friendly device that provides women with added confidence to carry out normal activities. Especially effective for those who leak mainly during sport or exercise. In our experience, it is a very useful tool for managing stress incontinence. 

By Wendy Allen and Anthea Reus,
Nurse Continence Advisors, 
Pelvic Floor Bladder Unit, Sydney.


I am a nurse and have worked in the field of gynaecology for many years. I worked for 6 years for a Consultant Gynaecologist in the UK whose area of interest was Urogynaecology. We trialed several different in-development devices, to help women who suffered with urinary incontinence.

One such device was the Contiform Vaginal Device. The women who had optimum results with this product were the motivated, active women, whose urinary leakage was problematic enough to prevent them from participating in the activities which they enjoyed, but which they had stopped due to the likelihood of urinary leakage.

Insertion of the device posed no problem, and once in place caused no discomfort. The three different sizes allowed for the best fit. That is, no leakage but still able to empty the bladder without difficulty. Although the device can be kept in place for 24 hours, most of the ladies in our clinic only kept the device in while needed.

In appropriate women, wearing the correct size device, Contiform offers an easy, discreet and comfortable solution to the problem of stress urinary incontinence. I will recommend it to women I feel will benefit from its use.
(J.P., United Kingdom)


I cannot praise Contiform enough. I wish I had heard about it much earlier. It has changed my life so much. 

(Y.O., Caboolture, Qld, Australia.)


I cannot begin to tell you how Contiform has changed my life. Now I am not always searching for restrooms and it has saved me from having an operation. 

(Manly, NSW, Australia)


I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for being introduced to Contiform. As an active 47 year old I am thrilled to finally have control of my personal wetness with the assistance of this product. I have suffered from personal wetness for many years after giving birth to 4 children. I have been an avid netball player all my life and later years became an umpire and a coach. While I love the game and umpired at the highest level I was forced to retire, my personal wetness being the major factor. After several failed operations I came across Contiform and to my shear delight Contiform keeps me perfectly dry. I have now returned to umpiring and am delighted to run and blow my whistle during the game without experiencing any wetness. Contiform has allowed me to once again pursue my passion for netball and umpiring. I wish you every success in your endeavour to make this product known, so that the women of the world suffering personal wetness have an easy alternative that works. 

(V.E., Fairfield West, NSW, Australia)


I am a Latin American, ballroom dancing teacher. My six-day a week program includes Salsa, Meringue, Rock N Roll and Swing. I am committed to many hours of constant training and exercise that the dancing industry demands. My wetness problem presented me with many years of fears and embarrassments. I found over the years that I would wear dark slacks and skirts. I would resort to buying two of the same style so I could change outfits without people noticing. I drank as little water as possible, which is not a healthy option with dancing being so physical. I would not ride a bike and turned down the opportunity to take up snow skiing. Contiform has played a major role in my life for the past 15 months and has saved me from many embarrassing moments when coughing, sneezing, dancing, etc., and I am now able to ride a bike once more. I am sure there are many women out there who live with the (unspoken) wetness problem and would not be aware that Contiform exists. Hopefully they will find Contiform and their lives will change as mine did. 

(H.D., Newcastle, NSW, Australia)


I am a mother of three young adults, with a busy life, which goes without saying. Over the years a little stress incontinence has occurred. Things like sneezing, coughing and laughter have led to small accidents however heavy aerobics and exercise were a real concern. Coughs and colds have become more difficult in recent years. And then last year I fell victim to a coughing virus that continued for more than 10 weeks. I cannot begin to convey the embarrassment I suffered during that period. Just after this harrowing experience I was introduced to Contiform. The effect was immediate. Bladder control was again secure. I could leave the house confident of not getting into trouble, plus the fact that I didn't have to undergo an operation. Contiform is easy to use, easy to look after and easily transportable. I don't have to use Contiform every day now but for heavy exercise, special events and bouts of coughing, it is perfect. No more risk taking. I have no hesitation in recommending Contiform and will continue to use it myself with confidence. 

(B.M., Blacktown, NSW, Australia)


I would like to say thank you for the Contiform unit. It has made my life so much more comfortable. I can sneeze and cough without wetting myself! Going swimming now in a pool, and knowing that I will not make the water around me turn yellow, is so comforting. The Contiform unit is very comfortable to wear and would recommend it to any woman suffering from the embarrassment of personal wetness. You have no idea how happy I am that I no longer need to take lots of pads with me when I go shopping, one of the joys of my life. Thank you once more for this life-changing product. 

(J.S., Dural, NSW, Australia)


I cannot find words to thank you enough for Contiform. I have been using Contiform for the past 4 months and cannot believe it is working 100%. I can now wear slacks and also go swimming. Neither of these things have I been able to do for years, especially swimming, something I have sadly missed doing for a very long time. Thanks again.

(Y.O., Toowoomba, QLD, Australia)


I am a fifty-nine year old woman who runs a very busy and successful professional practice. Keeping fit and healthy has always been an important part of my lifestyle including having a personal trainer who recently asked me to expand my exercise regime to include outside training in parks etc. However, I was unable to do this because of a personal wetness problem caused by a prolapsed bladder. Wanting very much to include this new program I scheduled a surgical procedure to try to alleviate my problem. However, a few weeks before the operation, I was introduced to Contiform. The device claimed to correct the problems I was experiencing so I decided to send away for it. I found Contiform to be absolutely brilliant. I am now able to do everything in the way of sport, jumping, running, hopping and things I haven't been able to do for years. I am running in a marathon this year for the first time in my life and I am doing things I believed that a woman of my age could never do. I have recommended Contiform to almost every woman I know with the same problem and they are just as delighted as I am. The exciting thing is I did not require a surgical procedure that may, or may not, have been successful. 

(R.S., Ashmore, QLD, Australia)