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MTG Range of ISC Catheters User Testimonials

" When my daughter had her mitroffanoff surgery, we were catapulted into a world of catheters and products we had never dealt with. It was a rather stressful time trying to find suitable catheters for her to use. Then our urology team pointed us in the direction of Pioneer Medical and we've never looked back. 

The team go above and beyond to make sure my daughter has everything she needs. They don't see her as a name on a sheet, she's a person!

I can't recommend Pioneer Medical enough, as they are a truly wonderful company.  Thank you for everything you do" - Rachel


"I've been a C6/C7 quadriplegic for nearly 17 years and I've never been able to catheterize myself until now, thanks to the EZ Gripper.  I called my supplier to switch over my prescription to this amazing new system, happy customer"- Aaron


" I have a C7 complete SCI and have limited use of my hands and fingers, I could not use traditional catheters on my own without messing it up. The EZ Gripper has changed all that, I was successful on the first attempt and become completely comfortable and confident with it. It makes me more independent with the things I can go and do" - Dale


" I have been using the EZ-Gripper for over a year now and it has given my wife and I so much freedom and no need for a nurse anymore and my UIT's have reduced greatly.  Thanks to all at MTG for all your hard work on a great product!" - Mike


 " The EZ-Gripper certainly provides people with limited hand coordination a priceless improvement in their quality of life - Gloria