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PELVIFLY together with kGoal - the perfect Pelvic Floor training system - Created by women for women

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Make Pelvic floor exercises fun with kGoal & Pelvifly - the games app for pelvic floor exercises!

What is Pelvifly together with kGoal?

Pelvifly app together with kGoal device is the perfect solution to making Pelvic Floor muscle training fun and discreet. Our mission is to encourage more women to do their pelvic floor exercise. Pelvic floor muscle training will help improve the quality of your sex life, improve problems with bladder leaks and help support correct body posture and a healthy spine. Research shows 1 in 5 women diagnosed with back pain have a pelvic floor disorder.

How does Pelvifly work? 

You simply download the Pelvifly & kGoal Ninja app from the app store (compatible with iPhone and Android), link up the kGoal device and follow the test training programme. An individual training programme will be devised just for you. You have a 14 day free trial with the app, each training session will give you different animation games to play, these games will chart the progress of your pelvic floor muscle training. 



Why is Pelvifly different to other Pelvic floor exercise devices? 

Pelvifly together with kGoal is a unique combination of Biofeedback and a pulsating built in vibrating function, we believe this is the only device that combines both along with fun stimulating games to play.

 What happens after my 14 day free app trial? 

There are 3 packages to choose from, the choice is up to you. You can carry on with the Basic package which is free or you can choose Smart or Care package which come with a monthly subscription which you can cancel before the end of the month.

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