PelviFly Training Packages

To get the most from your PelviFly product, we have three training packages to choose from: Basic, Smart and Care.

Basic Package

A standard training programme with the option to buy a one-off 30 minute online consultation

  1. Once you have bought the PelviFly device, there are no further costs. You will need to do the initial muscle training so the AI system can choose the best plan for you.
  2. All exercises are in a lying position, 5 games are available (warm up, endurance, control, speed and relaxation). A graph shows the results of your training.
  3. You will get daily reminders to do your exercises, this will help keep you motivated, this is done via the calendar on the app.
  4. You will have access to an AI System which monitors your progress. There are 126 tasks/games for you to progress through.
  5. Once a month you will need to do a muscle test to monitor your progress. There are 7 sessions per week (one each day) which will monitor your progress by an algorithm.
  6. You will be sent safety alerts informing you about your results and any changes that need to be improved, this can be by yourself or with the help of a clinician (For example: too high or too low MVC – muscle strength, weak game performance). 
  7. Option to buy a one-off 30 minute online consultation with a PelviCoach
    • You choose/select a PelviCoach from the list of available UK physiotherapists in the mobile app. The PelviCoach’s Photo, Bio and charges for a one-off consultation will be visible for you to see on the online portal via the app. 
    • UK available PelviCoach will show on the online portal.
    • The PelviCoach will be notified by PelviFly that she has a one-off consultation client and she will set up an online consultation within 7 days from the notification.
    • The PelviCoach will have access to the data from your training once you have given your permission before their consultation with you (7 days period) but they cannot make any changes in the training plan.  
  8. If the PelviCoach feels that you need a face to face consultation this can be arranged either directly with your chosen PelviCoach or via the Mummy Mot network of Physios. You would pay an additional consultation fee directly to the Physio involved with the face to face consultation.

Smart Package

An individual training programme with the option to buy a one-off 30 minute online consultation

  1. Initial purchase and a monthly subscription cost of £24 a month (monthly subscription taken via the app, but can be stopped at any time)  
  2. All the BASIC plan features PLUS:
  3. Access to all 10 programmes with active training plans using vibrations and different positions (transfer from lying position to more functional elbow-knee and standing).
  4. You can choose to carry on training by yourself, or pay for a one-off consultation with a PelviCoach.

With the SMART package the PelviCoach has 7 days access to the results of the intial muscles tests and trainings and can set up an individual training programme for you or select one of available ready profiles (For example, after pregnancy and childbirth, bladder weakness, sport-active woman, smart sex and relaxation).

Care Package

An individual training programme and a 1-month PelviCoach support

  1. The cost is £96 a month (monthly subscription taken via the app and can be stopped at any time).
  2. You choose a PelviCoach (physio) for 1 month and give permission via the PelviFly Portal to share your data.
  3. The PelviCoach has access to the results of your tests and exercises and sets the individual bespoke training programme for you.
  4. The PelviCoach provides at least 1 online consultation per month and evaluates the muscle test results and gives feedback according to the system safety alerts.
  5. You will have access to all 10 programmes, AI system of progress monitoring and safety alerts.