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Contiform Starter Pack - A real alternative to mesh surgery

  • £75.00

Starter Pack contains all 3 sizes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large), so you can choose which size is most effective and comfortable for you.  Contains a removal ribbon and user guide. The DVD is not included in the starter pack. 

You should not use the Contiform Pessary:

*During sexual intercourse

*In the 1st trimester of pregnancy, but can be used under medical supervision in 2nd and 3rd trimesters

*If you have a vaginal infection such as thrush, vaginal erosions or sores

* If you have cystitis

Contiform is now available on prescription in the UK - The Drug Tariff order code is SKU184 - You will need to give this code to your GP in order for him/her to write your prescription.  

If you are VAT exempt please email us for a VAT exemption form. 

We only ship Contiform to UK and European addresses. Please contact us by email if you are looking to purchase outside these areas and we will let you have the details of your local Contiform distributor. 

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