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The ActiCuf™ Compression Pouch has been designed to help men who are experiencing light to moderate bladder leaks. It’s a slim, discreet and disposable product that’s ideal for those who might have had surgery for prostate disease or prostate cancer or who have an enlarged prostate.

ActiCuf™ helps to manage light to moderate urinary incontinence and offers men an alternative to pads or washable briefs. The ActiCuf™ pouch is completely undetectable under clothing because its unique shape forms naturally to your body. It’s easy to use in public urinals, it can be easily taken off and put on again quickly. It also won’t set off metal detectors like some other products may do.

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How does the ActiCuf™ Compression Pouch work?

ActiCuf™ is placed on the penis, allowing the padded closure to gently apply pressure on the urethra to control any flow of urine. Any small urine leaks are caught and absorbed by the ActiCuf™ pouch, which is easy to change wherever you are.

  1. Hold the ActiCuf™ Compression Pouch in the horizontal position with your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Squeeze the ActiCuf™ until the end is completely open and “O” in shape. Insert the penis as far as possible into the opening of the pouch. The pouch should be lying in the horizontal position.
  3. Release pressure so the ActiCuf™ fits snugly around the penis. Adjust as necessary to achieve the greatest comfort and ultimate protection from leakage. Squeezing and releasing the clamp 2-3 times will reduce tension.
  4. To remove the ActiCuf™:
    • Squeeze the shaft of the penis to stop any urinary flow.
    • Remove the ActiCuf™ to urinate.
    • Replace the ActiCuf™ by repeating Steps 1-3 above.

    The ActiCuf™ pouch can be worn for long periods of time, but ideally it should be re-positioned every 3-4 hours. Always remove the ActiCuf™ pouch before sleeping.

Take care:

Skin irritation is rare, but may occur if there is prolonged exposure to urine. Discontinue using the ActiCuf™ if  skin breakdown is detected. Check with your Healthcare Provider before using a device of this nature.

Top tip:

Although the ActiCuf™ Compression Pouch is engineered for the greatest ease of use, it’s not uncommon for accidents to occur. Keep an extra ActiCuf™ Pouch close at hand in case of sudden leaks until you learn to take it on and off like a pro.

Watch these videos to find out more.

ActiCuf™ is a trademark of Community Medical Products, LLC. All rights reserved. US Patents apply. HCPCS code A4356.


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