Bedwetting Alarm System

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The wireless bedwetting alarm system is an easy and effective medical device to solve a bedwetting problem.

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Rent the Rodger Alarm for just £15 a month. We know it will take around 3 months for you to see progress, many children are completely dry at night within 3 months, which is why our rental period is for 3 months. You can rent for longer if you need to.

  • Minimum Rental period 3 months in advance = £45.
  • You will need to buy the Sensor pants; we recommend 2 pairs. Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot rent the Sensor Pants.
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Rental Devices COVID Cleaning and decontamination policy for Rodger Wireless Bed Wetting Alarms

  1. All staff handling returned rental items will be wearing PPE, ie Disposable apron and gloves, which will be disposed of after handling each new returned rental package.
  2. Package with returned Rodger bed wetting device will be opened and cleaned with a disposable general purpose disinfectant wipe and the dried with a paper towel which will then be disposed of.
  3. After the quarantine period the devices will be sanitized with a Microbe Shield Sanitizer that kills 99.9% of bacteria and a range of pathogens, the sanitizer will be left on the surface of the device for 15 minutes before being wiped dry with a clean paper towel.
  4. The device will then be quarantined for 72 hours / 3 days.

Your child wears the special Rodger sensor pant containing invisible wires, a sensor is attached. The sensor connects to the receiver  (placed in the power socket, or can be used easily powered by 2 x AA batteries for holidays, camping) and when there are a few drops of urine, this transmits to the receiver alarm which then sounds and wakes up your child.

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5 reviews for Bedwetting Alarm System

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks to the Rodger bedwetting alarm system our daughter wakes up by herself when she has to go to the toilet. No more nightly scenes of making beds, extra laundry and changing pyjamas. This means as well undisturbed nights and a good mood for the whole family. That makes her and us so happy!

  2. Anonymous

    Until last week, my daughter did not dare to stay over at a friends. Invitations for sleepovers made her insecure because of the uncertainty about how others will react to her wearing pull-ups or a wet bed? She was not able to do what she wanted, and she became very sad. Through the training with the Rodger bedwetting alarm system, she fortunately had dry nights and she recently had her first pyjama party at a friend’s house. She smiled from ear to ear! How wonderful; having a happy child and such a great relief for her!

  3. Anonymous

    What a difference from previous years, where going on holiday gave us a lot of tension and extra stress because of my sons bedwetting. The Rodger bedwetting alarm system brings us a holiday free from stress and concerns. Not only is our child happy… We all are!

  4. Anonymous

    Finally we can go on holiday without all the extra luggage for our child. This year we even went camping with no more worries about wet bedding and extra laundry.

  5. Anonymous

    It turned out my friend was not aware of the existence of a bedwetting alarm system to help with the problem of bedwetting. I told her about my good experience with the Rodger wireless bedwetting alarm system from which my child was dry, during the nights, within 2 months. I showed her how easy the Rodger system works and the progress chart with reward stickers included. There is also an online progress chart available to use by the child, with games to play as a reward too. That also worked and was very motivating for him. My friends son has a disability, but finally it worked for him too! He also got rid of bedwetting with the help of the Rodger bedwetting alarm system.

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