Rental Bedwetting Alarm System

Rent from £45.00


Rent the Rodger Alarm for just £15 a month. We know it will take around 3 months for you to see progress, many children are completely dry at night within 3 months, which is why our rental period is for 3 months. You can rent for longer if you need to.

  • £15 per month, minimum rental 3 months total price £45
  • You will need to buy the Sensor pants; we recommend 2 pairs. Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot rent the Sensor Pants.
  • Click here for the Deep Sleeper Alarm Kit. which includes the Vibrating Cushion and Alarm Set. For £20 per month, minimum rental 3 months total price £60
Total: £ ( days).
Rental return within days.


Rental Devices COVID Cleaning and decontamination policy for Rodger Wireless Bed Wetting Alarms

  1. All staff handling returned rental items will be wearing PPE, ie Disposable apron and gloves, which will be disposed of after handling each new returned rental package.
  2. Package with returned Rodger bed wetting device will be opened and cleaned with a disposable general purpose disinfectant wipe and the dried with a paper towel which will then be disposed of.
  3. After the quarantine period the devices will be sanitized with a Microbe Shield Sanitizer that kills 99.9% of bacteria and a range of pathogens, the sanitizer will be left on the surface of the device for 15 minutes before being wiped dry with a clean paper towel.
  4. The device will then be quarantined for 72 hours / 3 days.

Your child wears the special Rodger sensor pant containing invisible wires, a sensor is attached. The sensor connects to the receiver  (placed in the power socket, or can be used easily powered by 2 x AA batteries for holidays, camping) and when there are a few drops of urine, this transmits to the receiver alarm which then sounds and wakes up your child.

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Rental information

What do I get with my Rental package:
1 x Alarm Transmitter
1 x Alarm receiver
1 x Pre-paid returns envelope