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Welcome to Pioneer Medical Europe

We have a unique range of bladder and pelvic floor management products that will discreetly help you get on with life.



Contiform - The non surgical way to manage SUI 

If running, exercise, sneezing, coughing or laughing leave you with a bit of an embarrassing problem  Contiform will really help you. It’s a vaginal device designed by a Gynaecologist that will discreetly manage your stress incontinence. Contiform is available on prescription.


MTG Catheters - Easy to use closed system ISC catheters, pre-lubricated ready to use.

MTG range of ISC closed system catheters is designed especially for people with spinal cord injuries, compromised hand function or limited dexterity. The revolutionary patent pending MTG EZ-Advancer valve is a non-return mechanism that secures the catheter tube after each forward advancement. This unique locking mechanism only available with the MTG range enables very easy insertion.  The closed system protects the sterility of the catheter during the entire procedure and collects the urine upon voiding.  Effortless worry-free catheterisation to fit your lifestyle. Available on prescription.


Hi-N-Dry Collection System - Award winning simple discreet two part system. 

A unique urine collection system for men - An easy solution to male incontinence - no leg bags or bulky pads - great for the man that wants to live a full and active life but is a sheath/condom catheter user and finds using a leg bag restrictive and pads inhibative. Hi-N-Dry Collection System gives you a real alternative and can be used by ambient or wheelchair users. Available on prescription.


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