PelviFly Boost

The Multisensory Pelvic Muscle Training Game for Men and Women

Computer games have always been associated with entertainment and until recently it was thought it would be impossible to use your pelvic floor muscles to control objects in a computer game. But now thousands of women do just that, with the PelviFly intervaginal device that is connected to the PelviFly app on their mobile phone, they are able to use their pelvic floor muscle to move objects in the games that are on the app and improve their pelvic floor muscles.

What are the challenges we face in order to exercise regularly?
There are so many barriers that prevent women from seeking treatment: lack of time, too embarrassed to see a clinician, finding exercise boring and giving up because they feel that it’s taking too long and they are not seeing any improvement. The fact is that it will take between 3-12 months of regular exercise to see an improvement. It’s exactly the same for men, but with one big difference. There is a complete lack of education for men, in fact many men do not even realise they have a pelvic floor muscle.

Using Games 
These games are not for entertainment but have been designed to be used help with education, therapy and rehabilitation. The new PelviFly Boost device runs on UNITY (the most popular game engine in the world). The exercise saddle (Boost) acts as a manometric (pressure) sensor that is able to analyse muscle activity (contraction/relaxation), the mobile app is able to present this activity in the form of a game – cars racing through different cities avoiding different obstacles and twists and turns in the road. You control the car by using your pelvic floor muscles to avoid the obstacles and control the car as it races through the streets. The idea of the game is that you completely forget that you are exercising your pelvic floor muscle’s because you are concentrating on playing the game.

PelviFly Boost device connecting to phone

How does it work?
Place the PelviFly Boost exercise saddle onto a chair and sit on the saddle. When you contract your pelvic floor muscle, the car makes a turn at the left edge, when you relax your muscle the car starts moving along the outer edge. To avoid the obstacles you need to contract your pelvic floor muscles and maintain the contraction for a few seconds. You will collect stars to relax your muscles and move the car to the other side of the road.

Take a look at the video.

As you play the game you will get tips and information on how to perform the task correctly. It will tell you how much strength to use and how long to keep the muscle contracted for. You will also see on the dashboard how much force you are using and how much you need to apply to control your pelvic floor muscles. The AI will monitor and analyse your training and prompt you when necessary to exercise correctly. You will also see an indication of the driver’s skill level displayed in the bottom left hand corner. If your muscle control, strength, or endurance is not sufficient then you will crash into objects placed on the road. This means that the brand new car you started to play the game with may take a bit of a beating!

Personalised training programs
There are lots of different in-game routes for you to play. They are designed to enable the player to perform specific tasks and activities. Long turns require you to hold your muscle for a set amount of time (10-20 seconds). Straight routes with obstacles require a quick response and then instant relaxation of your muscles. This will teach your muscles control and to respond quickly. Long straight sections combined with a fixed level of vibration will give you a maximum level of relaxation. 

The games installed into PelviFly Boost are designed to affect a number of different senses. The Biofeed back is provided through, animation, sound, vibration and touch. Once you have mastered the basic games then you will be set more challenging games. The touch screen technology is an invention incorporated into the PelviFly games. When performing an exercise using pelvic floor muscles, the player needs to simultaneously react to the objects appearing on the screen and touch them. This will teach the muscles the right automatic response to control the movement of the car and perform the set task.

PelviFly Boost car game on phone
PelviFly Boost car game on phone

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