PelviFly together with Kgoal

Effective and safe training of your pelvic floor muscles. Train your pelvic floor muscles without leaving your home, with the option to have your own personal Pelvic floor specialist supervise your training.


What is PelviFly

Pelvifly is a safe and effective pelvic floor muscle training programme. It consists of a kGoal home exercise device and the Pelvifly app.

PelviFly is a solution that enables safe and effective pelvic floor muscle training from the comfort of your own home. We have gathered a team of leading specialists (physiotherapists and nurses), along with a mobile application and device to train at home (which was created in cooperation with engineers from Silicon Valley.

Download the PelviFly training app and set up an account to train for free by yourself by selecting the BASIC package and using our recommendations. In order to train with a dedicated clinical tutor, you can choose either the SMART or CARE package. Prices for these can be found within the app.


How does PelviFly work?

The home exercise device allows you to monitor the work of your pelvic floor muscles during training.

Applied intra-vaginally, it verifies whether you are properly relaxed, performing a contraction with the right strength or keeping the muscle tension for a sufficiently long time.

It’s the only device with scalable pulsations used to help you know if you are preforming the exercises correctly.

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Why is it worth exercising pelvic floor muscles

  • Get rid of the embarrassing problem of SUI bladder weakness so you can get back to the gym
  • Get back in shape after pregnancy thanks to properly selected and well matched exercises
  • Take care of your spine and get rid of the pain in the lower part of your back. 1 in 5 women who suffer back pain have some sort of pelvic disorder
  • Feel more satisfaction bring some extra zing back into your love life

To get the most out of your kGoal device, take a look at the training packages available here


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