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We specialise in unique products for bladder and pelvic floor management. We want everyone to live a full and active life which is why we source innovative products that will help you discreetly get on with life.

What is PelviFly

PelviFly enables safe and effective pelvic floor training using the device and mobile application.

Depending on the chosen service option, you can do the training yourself, with the support of advanced algorithms or under the remote care of a specialist who has insight into the results and prepares an individual exercise plan.

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Women’s Health Physiotherapist

We are loving this device and recommending it to more and more people via prescription. Most GP’s are unaware of this as a treatment option.

Deborah, UK

Thank you so much for Contiform – it has really put a spring back into my step. It has completely changed my life, I can go out without worrying that I might have an accidental leak. I am sure Contiform will be welcomed by thousands of women. Please can you send me some more leaflets, my practice nurse is very interested.

Wendy Allen and Anthea Reus, Australia

Once fitted correctly it is a very user friendly device that provides women with added confidence to carry out normal activities. Especially effective for those who leak mainly during sport or exercise. In our experience, it is a very useful tool for managing stress incontinence.

Y.O., Australia

I cannot find words to thank you enough for Contiform. I have been using Contiform for the past 4 months and cannot believe it is working 100%. I can now wear slacks and also go swimming. Neither of these things have I been able to do for years, especially swimming, something I have sadly missed doing for a very long time. Thanks again.

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